My dear you, this is a message from my heart. ♥ ️

♥️ Because in these extreme times I really want to contribute what I have to increase the potential, frequency and self-awareness of humanity … And I sincerely believe that I can help you all with the very high frequency of Soul Body Fusion®️ …

♥️ I hereby offer my distance sessions for a free donation through Tikkie. I offer you a session with less talk (read my website, that saves explanation time) but with all effective transmissions. This will take half an hour.

From me to you: Soul Body Fusion® distance sessions on the basis of a donation ♥️
From me to you: Soul Body Fusion® distance sessions on the basis of a donation ♥️

♥️ Meanwhile I have extensive experience with distance sessions. It really doesn’t matter if the session is with a person in Iceland, Germany, Italy of even Autralia. Actually, it’s always magically fun.

♥️ The full package is normally 3 sessions and then your soul is fully integrated. With your donation, I pay for my teacher training this summer.

♥️ Do you need peace, want to be more yourself, or do you want to use the full potential of your soul?

♥️ Contact me (email, phonecall or what’s app) and we will schedule your half-hour Soul Body Fusion®️ via video calling (during the day or evening). Of course a full hour is still possible.

♥️ Warm hug Maddy-Devi

Read more or ask me.

♥️ ps. any amount from € 20 per half hour is welcome. I now strongly want to give the sessions more than ever, because I know they can contribute so much.

Van mij voor jou: Soul Body Fusion® afstandssessies op donatie basis ♥️

♥️ Ok, how it works exactly … I wrote it out …

♥️ “Normally” I arrange 3 sessions with people physically. 3 because then the “Fusion” is complete, physically because I like it the most. Remote actually works just as well, so I do that regularly when the logistics or agenda allows it better. And besides … every little bit helps now. So if you “only” want to arrange 1 session, that’s ok too.

  1. We make an appointment for half an hour (full hour is still possible). This can be done during the day or evening.
  2. You read my website, that saves explanation time and you’ll know what to expect.
  3. We make video calls via FB messenger, which works just fine and easy. (Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp is also possible).
  4. I will give you a full Soul Body Fusion® distance session. I won’t make any concessions on quality. At least you’ll have a relaxed half hour, but so much more is happening.
  5. I will send you a Tikkie with invoice number (all will remain neat according to the rules) with an open amount. You can enter that amount yourself. Everything from € 20 per half hour is welcome.
  6. I’ll set aside all donations for my Teacher Training Soul Body Fusion®️ this summer.
  7. You enjoy, and pay close attention to yourself. Determine whether you want to meet several times. For convenience and overview, we now arrange payment / donation per session.
  8. Have you received your 3 sessions? Then the complete integration of your soul is complete. Forever, and your soul will be able to grow indefinitely. You will receive an email from me to “monitor” your growth and changes.
  9. A month after the 3 sessions I will send you another email and maybe we are able to filter a recommendation from your experiences.

Warm hug, Maddy-Devi ❤️