All about Soul Body Fusion® in my best English

With Soul Body Fusion®, the connection to your potential becomes purer and more radiant. When you bring your soul, and therefore your consciousness (more) into your body, you radiate your individuality in your life, your relationships and your environment.

Soul Body Fusion®; steviger staan met anderstevoren Soul Body Fusion®
Soul Body Fusion®; steviger staan met anderstevoren Soul Body Fusion®


You just don’t feel that good about yourself. You feel uncomfortable, have complaints. Things don’t go so smoothly for a while now. Sometimes you have the feeling that you are absent, that you are not completely part of it or that you do not belong somewhere. Or you feel tired, lifeless. You don’t know what you really want to do with your life. You’re looking for your life purpose but you just can’t get a hold of it. In your relationship, if you already have one, it’s also rumbling. And are you actually in the right place, where you work? Phew… You know you could have more energy, better health and more vitality, but how?


We all have a wonderful soul, but sometimes we can’t fully integrate it into our physical body. We then live a life with our light at half strength and are unable to attract the health, abundance and well-being that are our birthright.

The frequency of our soul and the frequency of our body are more often not attuned to each other than they are attuned to each other. We can encounter resistance between the two, a direct conflict or even separation. This is caused by trauma, pain, disappointment and sadness of life. We carry on without the full power and presence of our soul.

The metaphor of the carriage explains it nicely to me. Our soul is patiently bumping along in the back of the carriage, with a glum face. After the Fusion your soul is content on the buck of the carriage with the reins in hands and you, ego-body-soul, are a complete and strong team again.


The Soul Body Fusion® technique makes the connection with your potential purer and more radiant. When you bring your soul and thus your consciousness into your body, you radiate your individuality in your life, your relationships and your environment.

When more of your soul is merged with your cells, this unmistakably brings about a change. It becomes the starting point of your new reality, in which health, happiness, abundance and meaning receive support from the highest regions.

It may just be that your own soul is the missing piece of the puzzle in your potential. Accessing your talents is what makes the Soul Body Fusion® process so powerful, with sometimes spectacular results. Although the Soul Body Fusion® process in some cases results in healing, it is more than just a healing tool. It ensures that you and your potential develop at all levels.

By ‘all levels’ I mean that the billions of cells in your body all respond to vibration; light, sound, energy and love. Your soul is the highest vibration you can comprehend and is the source of your greatest light and potential. When you consciously call upon your soul to harmonize and merge definitively with your body, all your cells change.

Soul Body Fusion® brings your body back into line at the cellular level with your highest possible consciousness or the highest possible light it can contain. In addition, the changes are permanent and infinite. Permanent because, as your cells change to harmonize with your higher aspects, you will remain at that frequency. The change is infinite, because your soul has no limits.

anderstevoren - Soul Body Fusion® - Waar kan Soul Body Fusion® bij helpen?
anderstevoren – Soul Body Fusion®


You can’t predict the ‘result’ of Soul Body Fusion® (SBF) for you. SBF makes it easier for you to be your great and unique self. You can increasingly appeal to your soul as an ongoing source of support, wisdom and cherishment. When your soul is better integrated, your life will start to flow more and more.


Contact me for your Fusion. You can do this by mail, phone or WhatsApp. See my details underneath this page.

1) Source: Parts of this text have been copied, quoted or paraphrased from Jonette Crowley’s book Soul Body Fusion. With thanks to publisher Hafeja. You can order both of Jonette’s books directly from Hajefa publishers.

Explanation of the session:

At a Soul Body Fusion® session you are sitting on a chair opposite me. We start the ‘treatment’ after a conversation and possibly some preparatory exercises. These can be relaxing exercises such as breathing exercises or grounding exercises. For a session we take 1 hour, but the actual ‘Fusion session’ lasts 2 x 10 minutes with a short break in between. In the break we both drink a glass of water and/or tea. During this session you will be immersed for 2x 10 minutes in a high, harmonized field that will take you to a higher vibration. As you sit in this field, the energy of your higher consciousness (often called soul) comes more into your body. This process is called Soul Body Fusion®.

anderstevoren Soul Body Fusion®
anderstevoren Soul Body Fusion®


Through this Fusion your blockages, emotions and tensions can be released and the self-healing capacity of your body will be strengthened. Your body can function better and body and mind can become more balanced. What people experience during this Fusion differs per person, but most people experience a tingling sensation that pulls through their bodies. This restores the balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. After the Fusion, many people feel internally happy, charged and more in touch with their own power. In a quick and easy way, fears and traumas can be released and replaced by a feeling of joy and happiness.

What to expect during the Soul Body Fusion®?

Your experience during the process can cover the entire spectrum from absolutely nothing to an explosive, intensive energetic experience and even a combination of both. No two people are the same. You can have experiences of feeling energy, waves, tingling, a feeling of well-being, to various pains, sadness, shocks of your body, burping, dizziness, nausea, quiet, heavy, weightless etc…

There is not one form here that is the right one. Whatever happens, it is perfect, even when it’s nothing. In fact, some people have a rather delayed reaction; seemingly nothing happens during Fusion, but they get a big breakthrough or clarity that night or week after. Even if you never feel any of it, you can be confident that your soul will follow your intention to harmonize all parts of yourself and attune to a higher state.

*Disclaimer: Although it is common for people to experience physical healing after a Soul Body Fusion session, no guarantee can be given. Soul Body Fusions are no substitute for regular medical care. Always consult a doctor for physical complaints.

About Maddy-Devi

I’ve always been a searcher for the best way for something, the most convenient, the fastest, the most durable. An optimist and optimist ‘pur sang’ but also a sometimes chaotic ‘dolce far niente’ lady. Always the same and super efficient, that’s not for me. When I cycle the same route twice, I start looking for other possibilities. As far as I’m concerned a lot can happen spontaneously or even go wrong at first sight. Just ‘tinkering around’ and discovering.

Certified Soul Body Fusion® Teacher Maddy-Devi Homburg
Certified Soul Body Fusion® Teacher Maddy-Devi Homburg

I have done that plentiful in my life. After 12 years as a primary school teacher I lived in France for 2 years. Without work, home or other half. I spent a long time in a castle and cleaned my backpack with singing bowls, meditation and other therapies. After this I longed intensely for the Netherlands and to put something there for myself.

After some wandering through the Netherlands, I ended up in The Hague. There I lived for four wonderful years in a great living group. I took part in sustainable projects, swam in the sea and started my own company as a Professional Organizer. I helped people out of their mess. To have more overview and more space to be themselves. Space to enjoy what remains, was my credo.

After more than 10 years of cleaning up, with some side trips, I felt a turning point at the end of 2018, it was time for something else. I decided to quit my job as a tidying-up coach, but I didn’t know exactly what I would do then. And almost automatically I sat there on a Sunday in April in the Yurt of Arno van Dijk in Driel and learned about Soul Body Fusion®.

The next day I was seriously in love. I can still shout from the roofs how great Soul Body Fusion® (SBF) is. Because I feel like I was unconsciously looking for it. As a Professional Organizer I loved the resistance processes people had, but I also got stuck on them. I often came a long way with people but nót with everyone and not always and thát frustrated me enormously. I was saddened to see that some of my dear clients were unable to take steps towards a finer and easier life.

With SBF I now have a tool to connect people with their own strengths. So I’m still doing the same thing, but at a different level. I contribute to the world by making people more satisfied, happier and freer. That’s the ultimate goal of being here on earth, in my opinion: to be happy. And nothing is as sustainable for the world as happy people. Because they take good care of themselves, their loved ones and nature. For me, the circle feels round.

More about me: see my LinkedIn profile, visit my vegetable garden or call me!


For an optimal result you will receive 3 Fusion sessions in a period of 3 weeks. Together we start from the ideal planning and take a practical look at how it fits comfortably in our diaries.

Package of 3 sessions € 200,-
Separate follow-up session € 75,-
More options here.

The sessions can be planned at your home or office, or in one of my practices in Rotterdam, Oud-Beijerland. There are a number of conditions attached to a location, such as being able to ‘work’ reasonably undisturbed. One session lasts a maximum of 60 minutes.

For home treatments there are additional travel costs for distances of >10 km. We always discuss these costs in advance. As an example, for a treatment in Voorburg there is an additional €20 for travel costs. This way you can consider what suits you better; come to my practice yourself or let me travel to you.

The full invoice, with or without travel costs, you pay in advance. This is partly to make the full commitment to yourself for the entire process. You will receive this invoice by mail after we have planned the sessions.

anderstevoren Soul Body Fusion®
anderstevoren Soul Body Fusion®


Experience Lindemarie

The treatments of Soul Body Fusion® were very relaxing for me. I immediately felt grounded and had hardly any thoughts. Very nice for a thinker like me After the Fusions I feel more stable and self-confident (remarks don’t affect me or affect me less), I make easier choices that are good for me and I am clearer in my communication. In other words, I stand more firmly in my shoes and that’s why I’m going to achieve more than I thought I could before. Both in my private life and in my company.

Experience Margiet

I used to have a lot of trouble saying no to people and “fun” things. That’s much easier for me now. This gives me a satisfied feeling about myself and I also feel calmer. In addition, my Bovis value has risen considerably from 80,000 before the treatments to well over 2,000,000 after them. Moreover, my values continue to rise, even now a few weeks after my last treatment.

#Update after a few months: I notice that I find it easier to have a conversation with people who are very good at it. In the past I used to let a lot of wind blow. It’s easier for me to say what I think of it myself. Furthermore, I have been working with Reiki for many years and benefit a lot from that. After the SBF my self-healing capacity has increased, I assume by the increased Bovis-value, which has passed the 6.000.000 mark. I experience that as an enormous gift. Every day I meditated for years, now with a new mantra: Soul Body Fusion. I have much more effect with this mantra.

Experience Brenda

By now I have had 4 sessions of Soul Body Fusion® (SBF) with Maddy-Devi, one of which was at a distance. As soon as Maddy-Devi and I start working together I experience an acute rest, both in my head and in my body. Tingling, warm hands and other physical sensations indicate to me that something is indeed happening. Maddy guides me very well in this, asks me while we’re busy what I’m experiencing and can explain things well afterwards during the review. Also during the remote session (over the phone) I had similar sensations, it makes no difference to me whether the SBF is activated remotely or live. After these 4 sessions I experience more rest in my body everywhere and a clearer view on my life. Moreover I am more in contact with myself as a whole. Of course things happen in daily life that (try to) break that, but I notice that I return to my real self much faster, without my “ego” continuing to rule. Grateful for these experiences and results, as well as for others, things will gradually change physically and/or energetically.

Experience Elly

I liked the Soul Body Fusions very much. I had all kinds of sensations during the treatments, both pleasant, emotional and less pleasant. I sleep well now and am curious what else it will bring.

Experience Gunnar

I did receive my first Soul Body Fusion session with Maddy in person and felt the energy flowing very strongly. The next two sessions we did connect through computer because Maddy was in her home in Holland and I at home in Iceland. Like before I did definently feel the energy flowing but did not notice any changes after the sessions.
These sessions took place in oktober and november. But in january I started to feel positive changes. It was like my head was clearer and it was easier to concentrate, my energy was different, better.
I know that with energy work you don’t always see changes in your life because the changes happen slowly and you don’t see it until later.
I am sure the sessions with Maddy in Soul Body Fusion made a big difference for me and I firmly believe so.

Experience Aart

At first glance I didn’t notice any big changes after the Soul Body Fusion. I liked the sessions, I experienced lots of stuff. After a couple of weeks, when Maddy asked me again, I thought I had become much calmer. I deal with stress more easily, am angry much shorter or out of mood. Stand firmer in my shoes. Don’t let myself be impressed by ‘higher persons’ anymore. There are also all kinds of new opportunities on my path in terms of work, hobbies and dreams that I have had for a long time. I find it hard to say why, but at least it all started after the SBF.

anderstevoren Soul Body Fusion®
anderstevoren Soul Body Fusion®


Does it always work?

Why does one heal faster than another? Your soul is in charge and it knows what is the best way for you. For example, you can suddenly read a book or an article that contains answers that you have been looking for for a long time. Soul Body Fusion® will take you further on your path anyway, sometimes in seemingly small steps. There are no negative results or consequences and often an infinite potential is tapped into.

What if I’m stuck too much and it doesn’t flow?

During the treatment I will ask you questions and guide you. I help you to stay with the process so that it can start flowing. There are simple ‘tricks’ for that. Some people can feel and be aware of all kinds of things in their bodies, others need a little more help with that. Luckily it doesn’t matter for the final result. In case of very large traumas or blockages you can choose to do more than 3 Fusions.

Could it harm me?

No. This is partly because there is no healer at work. Soul Body Fusion® cannot harm you, through the intervention or interference of someone else, because your soul is fully in charge during this process. We leave the nature and pace of your growth to your soul, which knows best what you can handle.

I don’t know anything about these things…

That’s not necessary at all. There are people who have never done ‘anything spiritual’ or self-development stuff before and with Soul Body Fusion® sit immediately on the first rank. They also have the same kind of experiences as all other people. It says nothing about what they feel during a treatment and nothing about the result that is possible. Do you have questions, do you find things exciting? I’m there for you.

Can it be done to pregnant women or babies?

Yes, the soul of the baby will merge in the way that is perfect for him or her. It can also bring peace to your baby after birth.

Can it be done with dying people?

Soul Body Fusion® can help the person through the transition process. When the soul is present, the body can experience the transition more consciously and calmly. However, when the soul is already on its way, there will be no more Fusion.

Can the Fusion ever be broken?

No, once it’s repaired, it can’t be disconnected. However, in the event of severe trauma, it may take a little longer for the Fusion to be repaired.

Is the Fusion permanent?

When we consciously call upon our souls to harmonize and merge definitively with our bodies, our cells change. Soul Body Fusion® puts the body back on a cellular level with the highest possible consciousness or the highest possible light it can contain. Those changes are permanent and infinite. Permanently, because when your cells change to harmonize with your higher aspects, you will stay on that frequency. The change is infinite, because your soul has no limits.

Can you do it too much?

No. If you really had ‘enough’, your soul would do ‘nothing’. However, your soul is infinite and can grow infinitely. Especially in difficult moments or in difficult periods it is nice to receive extra Soul Body Fusion®.

What if the recipient gets a headache?

Drinking water is sensible for almost all types of treatment, both during and after the treatment. This is also the case with Soul Body Fusion®. Toxins can be released, a lot happens in your body and your system. You need to find a new balance. Drinking water helps. Do you get headaches or other pains during the treatment? Then this is a sign that they are being cleaned up. Your soul is in charge so it is perfectly good and safe.

Why Soul Body Fusion® today?

Our world is changing fast, in many calendars we have just started a whole new era. There are so many things happening on so many levels that challenge us in so many ways. When you’re not standing firmly in your shoes, it sometimes seems like only bad things are happening and you’re prone to doomsday scenarios. You don’t see beyond all the bad news about environmental pollution, child mortality and disastrous presidents.

But in addition to these seemingly terrible things, a lot of beautiful, connected and constructive things also happen. Innovative solutions are being worked on to remove all the plastic from our waters and to replace it with better alternatives. Even though every child who has died is one too many, there has never been such a low child mortality rate. Moreover, the world is becoming increasingly aware because of the fact that more and more people at all levels are working on themselves.

Many people, both individually and in groups, are working to make our world more beautiful, fairer, healthier, more sustainable and more social. When you are more comfortable in your own skin, when you are attuned to it, you are more open to it. Then you can handle the misery of the world better, you can put it into perspective, ignore it or even anticipate it. In this way you can contribute in your own way to a more beautiful world.

Is it measurable?

Sometimes you don’t notice your own change. Take a step back and see if you have clarity more quickly, react emotionally differently, are more stable, less susceptible to drama or negativity. You may be more tolerant or more forgiving. Maybe you smile more, get comments from others that you shine, make easier choices or book a nice holiday. You receive what you can accept and what you are ready for.

How do I know if Soul Body Fusion® is suitable for me?

Do you feel that there is more to get out of your life? That there is more to YOU? That it’s now time for more self-confidence, that you will stand in the world for who you are? Is it time you stopped being blown over by all the leafies? Time for your full potential? Then … then Soul Body Fusion® is right for you. You can also use arm-muscle tests to measure whether SBF can be something for you. It’s always nice to do an arm muscle test with people before and after a session to see how they score on the ‘scale’ of consciousness level.

But Maddy, you don’t actually do anything?

That’s right. All I do is facilitate. Together with you, I’ll create a field in which your soul is given a free hand to set ‘things’ right. A high, harmonized field that takes you to a higher vibration. That looks like nothing, it sometimes even feels like nothing, but it is a ‘nothing’ with potentially infinitely beautiful consequences.

Why does it cost €75,- at a time?

A Soul Body Fusion® experience is, to say the least, special and often life changing. Moreover, as an independent entrepreneur I have the task to run a financially healthy business, so that I can take good care of myself in all areas. The message I give my clients, that they can take good care of themselves and that they are ‘worthy’, is something I carriying out myself. I’m here for me and I’m here for you. My customers can also be there for me. If you find yourself worthy of my time, care and attention and to use your potential much more, then you are my client.

I’ve already done ‘a lot’, why Soul Body Fusion®?

Because you keep developing. That never stops. Every ‘thing’ you do brings you a step further in your development. And I think you can do things at the same time, combine it. Yoga brings you a different insight than a therapist. Reiki gives you something other than Access Consiousness®. But everything can contribute to making you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Or becoming more and more yourself. After Soul Body Fusion® you probably know even better which ways, techniques or therapists can support you in your growth and happiness.

It can also be done without Soul Body Fusion®, can’t it?

Sure. You can go for the hard way. Once upon a time, a long time ago… I decided that after a number of intensive coaching programs I would be without any help whatsoever for a year. I really should be able to do it on my own now, I thought. But yet soon again something came my way that aroused my interest. Through the years I have found out that being engaged in self-development, meditation etc. feeds me in a different way than eating, exercising or relaxing does. And that ‘line with the other side’ is just part of it for me. I love to receive insights, to grow personally, and to notice that I have lost a number of blockages or limiting beliefs. I enjoy taking care of myself more and more and that’s for me with good food, sports, relaxation, being outside, family, friends, doing a great job and growing on my own. So yes, for me it’s all inclusive. So I’m not going for the Calvinist sandwiches with cheese in life, as I recently explained it to a client, but for the rich buffet.

What’s the catch?

The only catch is that it asks us to believe in something that seems rather unbelievable. This is an instrument that stems from a new paradigm, a different framework, a new energy world. You have nothing to lose and much to gain when you try it.

Where can I find more information?

Jonette Crowley & Maddy-Devi Homburg - anderstevoren - Soul Body Fusion®
Jonette Crowley & Maddy-Devi Homburg – Soul Body Fusion® – anderstevoren

You can read about Jonette Crowly, the creator of the Soul Body Fusion® technique on her own website ( or on the Dutch SBF website ( You can read more details about this technique and its origin in her books Soul Body Fusion® and The Eagle and the Condor. Both published by Hafeja publisher Zoetermeer ( On the website of Arno van Dijk ( you will find the opportunity to learn this technique yourself. That is… until I’m a teacher myself, then you can also come to me for this.